008 —

1.5kg light malt extract

2.0kg dark malt extract

200g crystal malt (crushed)

2pkgs oak chips (30g each)

1pkg gypsum

2 tsp Irish moss

50g Chinook hop plugs

1 pack Wyeast 1056 American Ale

Steep the crushed malt grains for 15 minutes. Add to boiling wort.

Bittering hops: half of total, at the beginning of boil

Aromatic hops: remaining, 50 minutes into the boil.

Add oak chips & Irish moss with aromatic hops.

Start date: Aug. 27, 2006

Original gravity (OG): 1.050

1st siphon: Sep. 4, 2006

Bottling date: Sep. 19, 2006

Final gravity (FG): 1.010

Percentage ABV: (OG-FG)/7.46 * 1000: 5.3%


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