2.0kg light malt extract

1 can Cooper’s lager syrup

200g Hugh Baird malted wheat (crushed)

100g chocolate malt, crushed

75g Tettrang hop pellets

1pkg Cooper’s dry yeast

Steep the crushed malt grains for 15 minutes. Add to boiling wort.

Bittering hops: 50g, at the beginning of boil.

Aromatic hops: remaining, 57 minutes into the boil.

Start date: Aug. 26, 2007

Original gravity (OG): 1.033

1st siphon: Sep. 10, 2007

Bottling date: Sep. 26, 2007

Final gravity (FG): 1.010

Percentage ABV: (OG-FG)/7.46 * 1000: 3.58%


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