Tiramisu bought in a restaurant tends to be solid and cake-like, whereas this recipe has a consistency I can only describe as delicious pudding with booze.

1 pack of lady fingers (~12 pieces)

½ cup or so of absurdly strong coffee

2 shots of grappa (optional)

6 large eggs

6 Tbsp sugar

1 container mascarpone cheese (~500mL)

Cocoa powder

Line the bottom of a casserole with lady fingers.

Make the coffee, and make it more potent than you would for regular consumption. Stir in the grappa if you’re into that sort of thing. Spoon the mixture evenly over the ladyfingers.

Separate egg whites and egg yolks into two different bowls. There must not be any yolk in the whites or they won’t beat properly. Beat the egg whites first, until stiff peaks form when you pull the beaters out.

Add the mascarpone and sugar to the egg yolks. Beat these until the mixture is smooth.

Gently fold the whites into the yolk mixture with a spatula. Fold until the mixture is uniform.

Spread the egg & cheese mixture over the ladyfingers in the casserole. Then, using a small strainer or some other strainer-like device, frost with cocoa powder.

Refrigerate and consume responsibly.


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