A horse and a rabbit

A horse and a rabbit A horse and a rabbit are playing in a meadow. The horse falls into amud hole and is sinking. He calls to the rabbit to go and get thefarmer to help pull him out to safety. The rabbit runs to the farm butthe farmer can’t be found. He drives the farmer’s Mercedes back to themud hole and ties some rope around the bumper. He then throws theother end of the rope to his friend, the horse, and drives the carforward saving him from sinking!A few days later, the rabbit and horse were playing in the meadowagain and the rabbit fell into the mud hole. The rabbit yelled to thehorse to go and get some help from the farmer.The horse said, „I think I can stand over the hole!“ So he stretchedover the width of the hole and said, „Grab for my dick and pullyourself up.“ And the rabbit did and pulled himself to safety.The moral of the story: If you are hung like a horse, you don’t need aMercedes!

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