Three duffers were out golfing with the club pro one day. The first duffer teed off and hit a dribbler about 60 yards. He turned to the pro and asked, „What did I do wrong?“The pro replied, „Loft.“The next golfer teed off and duck hooked the ball into the woods. He asked the pro the same question.The pro again answered, „Loft.“The third teed off and sliced into a pond. He too asked the pro, „What did I do wrong?“Again, „Loft.“As they were walking down the fairway, the first duffer finally spoke up to the pro.“All three of us hit completely different tee shots and yet when we asked you what we did wrong, you gave the same exact answer every time. So what does Loft mean?“The pro shook his head and said, „Lack of Friggin‘ Talent!“

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